Tracey L. Seward - Accenture
We are delighted to welcome Tracey Seward, Managing Director at Accenture, to our ballroom this year as part of our Corporate Superstar Challenge.  Tracey has served in the Business, Strategy and Technology Consulting industry her entire career.  From creating a start-up in management consulting to the global organization she leads today that is responsible for developing and leading Accenture's global go-to-market strategy, she's seen a lot.  But she hasn't rocked around the clock like she will on March 10th.

Throughout her career, Tracey has played an active role reshaping the professional environment for women,  and mentoring and coaching diverse-owned business leaders.  She serves as the Accenture Chicago Women's Employee Resource Group (ERG) lead as well as the National Interfaith ERG Lead.  Outside of the domestic market she is also committed to refocused efforts in India to expand opportunities for female professionals.  On the same day of this year’s Superstar Challenge, Tracey will be hosting 1000+ Chicago-based men and women in celebration of International Women’s Day; a day dedicated to celebrating women!  It's hard to top that....

We're thrilled that we can add someone so committed to the Chicago area to our line-up.  Locally, Tracey leads a series of partnerships with World Business Chicago and the Chicago Civic Consulting Alliance.  She also leads pro bono work at the Chicago-based Cara Program, is a board member at Back on My Feet and a member of the Executive's Club of Chicago.  Tracey also has a women's leadership and mentorship focus
with each of these organizations, “women supporting women, regardless of our walk in life, is not an option but a duty,” she says.

For Tracey, joining our ballroom is the natural convergence of so many forces.  Her daughter has danced since she was young and Tracey secretly envied all the people who jumped on the stage to join in.   Now, she's the one strapping on her dancing shoes.  And, this cause is far too close to home for her family.  Both of her grandmothers fought breast cancer, as well as many others within the family lineage.   She and her family know far too well the terrible aspects of this disease.  Tracey continues to be committed to helping others seek and obtain the privilege of early detection and treatment

Tracey is excited to be part of this and ,while honestly a little nervous about dancing, she's ready to rock and roll.  

To make a donation in honor of Tracey's big heart, dancing feet and willingness to join our rock and roll party -
and for all she is doing to fight breast cancer - click here.   
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