Our MVP Awards

Each year, we award MVP trophies to our top celebrity fundraiser and our top Corporate Challenge Superstar fundraiser.

Every person who makes a donation can be part of the fun.  When you buy a ticket or make a donation, you can "credit" your dollars to your favorite dancer.  We keep track of the totals for each and the night of the event, we announce the MVP.  Every dollar counts and sometimes, it comes down to just a few dollars difference.  To make a donation to honor one of these wonderful celebrities, click here, our our superstar challengers, click here to visit their individual fundraising pages
.  To buy tickets to the event, click on the tab on the navigation bar that says "Buy Or Donate."

Note:  if you use the "Buy or Donate" tab o the website to make your ticket purchase or donation, please make sure your donation is credited to your favorite dancer by chooing the drop down menu when you are at the beginning of the donation form or when you are in our cart in the checkout process (you'll see the drop down at the end).

In 2012, Dancing With Chicago Celebrities became an independent 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.  We've been an independent group all along but now we are able to make sure that every possible penny we raise is donated to organizations engaged in the fight against breast cancer. What hasn't changed is that since our founding in 2006, each year we select deserving organizations to receive the proceeds of our efforts.  

We're an all-volunteer organization and we have a relentless focus on keeping costs to an absolute minimum. We need lots of help.  In addition to the dancing and the amazing support from the entire team at Arthur Murray, donors underwrite our printing, our operational expenses, and provide so much of what makes our event great.  Volunteers staff our events, design our stuff, build our website, process the funds, solicit prizes and do the many other activities that it takes behind the scenes to make all of this work.  If you would like to volunteer or have ideas to make our efforts go even further, please email us at info@amdwcc.org.

We need lots of help from lots of people but the result is that our dazzling ballroom is a magic place that ends up doing a lot of good for those engaged in the fight against breast cancer through innovative research, access to care, education, outreach and navigation.  Since we started in 2006, we've raised and donated over $1,850,000, all of which we've given to those on the front lines of this important battle.

Our 2012 Celebrity MVP, Kim Vatis from NBC 5
celebrating her win with 
2012 DWCC Champion Des Clark and Ryan Chiaverini, emcee.
2012 Corporate Superstar MVP - Kath Carter, Ernst  & Young with Event Founder, Jill DeMarlo
Our 2013 Celebrity Champion AND MVP, Anthony Adams,         receiving both trophies from Kim Vatis
Sporting a red leisure suit, Wolfe Tone from Deloitte, celebrates his 2013 Corporate Challenge Championship
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