Michele Hoskins - Michele's Foods
Michele Hoskins is the founder and CEO of Michele's Foods, a Chicago company for over thirty years  Her products can be found in ore than 8000 retail outlets across the country, she's the author of a book about her story of entrepreneurship, and she is a sought after speaker and teacher.  In 2009, Michele Hoskins was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The story of her fight becomes a story of inspiration... not just doing whatever she can to help others fight the disease, but an inspiration to herself to do even more to help people in the other battles they face.

The story of her product, and the story of her company, is the story of America.  Literally.  The secret syrup recipe was created by America Washington, a former slave, and the great, great, great grandmother of Michele Hoskins, the only daughter in her family.  America Washington created the recipe in the 1800s as an alternative to molasses for her plantation owner’s family and today, Michele has created a range of products based on the original recipe and now runs the company she created with her own daughter.

 After Michele founded the company, she went on to become the 1
st minority supplier for Denny’s, the 1st minority supplier for Wal-Mart and over the years she has partnered with some of the most respected food companies in the world - General Mills and Sara Lee. While the secret and delicious recipe is the centerpiece of her product strategy, Michele’s determination to leave a legacy for her daughters - in the spirit of America Washington - was the inspiration for Michele Foods.

Michele's heart is as big as the sky.  She is committed to the city of Chicago, to creating jobs, to making great products and to helping people do what she did - move from hopeless to hope, from welfare to well-being.  She can't wait to get dancing.  We could not be happier that we are able to bring her light into our ballroom - she's this years secret weapon of sparkle.

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