Lisa E Flaum, MD - Oncologist, Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Lurie Cancer Center

We are always humbled when one of the true warriors on the front lines in the fight against breast cancer finds a way to dance with us. Once again this year, we are pleased and proud to have a dancing doctor from the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, who will continue the tradition we began the first year of our Corporate Challenge.

In her professional life, Dr. Lisa Flaum treats breast cancer patients at the Maggie Daley Center for Women’s Cancer Care in Prentice Women’s Hospital. An Assistant Professor in Northwestern Medicine’s Division of Hematology and Oncology at Northwestern Medicine, she is active in clinical trials, teaching, and has a specific interest in young women with breast cancer. She says her patients and colleagues are a constant source of inspiration to her. And Lisa is a source of inspiration to us.... the kind of innovative research she pursues is why we do what we do.

Lisa has her M.D. from Georgetown University and is board certified in medical oncology.  She lives in the city with her husband Jon and 2 kids, Eli 10 and Jackson 9. When not working, she's usually running around between kid activities including sports, music and acting classes.

Lisa's take on the dancing part of this event is different from others.  It's, shall we say.... very honest.  But you gotta love it.  Here it is in her words.   "Although I am very passionate about this cause, I have successfully avoided dancing in this event for the past few years. As my children are quick to point out, their rhythm obviously did not come from me. They say that all of my moves look like hula dancing. My 9 year old was happy to learn that the fundraising for this event occurs prior to the dancing and that I was not “going to be rewarded for my performance”. Too bad the dance this year is not the hula but I will do my best and hope that that they feel bad about doubting me."

We know something Lisa doesn't.  She's in the hands of a great professional partner at Arthur Murray and we know the magicians over there will help her transform her hula into something very special.  If you'd like to come cheer her on - or say "aloha," we' sure love to have you.
If you'd like to purchase a ticket to come see Lisa dance in person, click here for tickets.
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