Lee Allison

We are delighted that Lee Allison has taken time from his loft space in Bucktown, his business and his very busy life running the Lee Allison company, to join us in the dance.   His is quite a story and well, frankly, his ties are quite something.  And now he’s agreed to dance with us.

Lee was born and raised in Connecticut. After attending Williams College in Massachusetts, he took a job at Merrill Lynch in New York as an investment banking analyst.  After three and a half years at Merrill  Lee toyed with the idea of attending architecture school but instead went to Harvard Business School. Upon graduation from HBS, he moved to Chicago to work in account management at The Leo Burnett Company.

After a couple of years on the account side (his first assignment was Velveeta, which if you don’t know, “melts better than cheddar”), he put together a portfolio and made the rare switch over to the creative side as a copywriter. For the next few years he wrote TV, radio and print ads for the likes of McDonald’s, Nintendo and 7-Up.

But the urge to create something of his own was simply too strong. So in 1995, with no experience, no connections, and frankly no clue (his words, not ours), he launched The Lee Allison Company.

He hasn’t slept since.  His beautiful ties (four-in-hands), bowties, cummerbund sets, pocket squares formal vests and suspenders are available at fine retailers and on-line.  But he wasn’t afraid to dance and so we convinced him to join our ballroom.

In addition to a pretty spiffy wardrobe, according to his professional instructor from Arthur Murray, "Lee has moves."

If you'd like to donate to Lee's efforts in the fight against breast cancer, please click here.
To buy tickets and see those moves - and a heck of a necktie - please click here
Make sure to pick Lee's name from the pull-down menu when you check out, so your purchase will count in his pursuit of the MVP Award.
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