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We're delighted that Lauren Mageira is carrying the mantle for WGN this year.  The history is rich since WGN was the first station in Chicago to commit to our first event 12 years ago and now, we welcome Chicago native, Lauren, to the sport of the ballroom. 

Lauren joined the WGN News team in April 2016 as the station’s first female sports anchor and reporter.  She came to WGN News from the NFL Green Bay Packers, where she was a co-host of a weekly 30 minute pre-game show with Packers Hall of Famer Larry McCarren. In addition to the pre-game show, Magiera produced weekly feature stories, hosted home games as the field reporter, and created online content for

Prior to her time with the Green Bay Packers, Lauren worked for several stations in a sports capacity. In 2008, Lauren joined ABC Alaska KIMO/FOX as the station’s sports director. After nearly 2 years with ABC, Lauren joined NBC Alaska KTUU as a sports reporter. In 2012, Lauren made her way back to the Midwest, taking the job as sports director-producer-reporter at ABC Wausau WAOW-TV in Wisconsin before eventually making her way to Green Bay.

A college gymnast, Lauren graduated from University of Alaska Anchorage with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Communications on a full ride gymnastics scholarship. As one of Chicago’s Very Own, Lauren grew up in the Northwest suburbs and is a graduate of Barrington High School.

Lauren says that while one might think as a former Division 1 gymnast,  dancing would come naturally. However, although she was an uneven bars and balance beam specialist and she can swing and balance, she says "there is no boogy in my blood." Even so, she jumped at the opportunity to do what she can to help and we couldn't be more delighted.   And then there is this.

"On New Years Eve years ago, someone very close to me shared her resolution, "I want to live one more year.” She was battling Breast Cancer for the second time and she knew her time was limited. My heart broke. She knew she was in a fight she couldn't win, even though she so desperately wanted to.

My friend was taken on Christmas morning, just days short of her goal. When I got the call I remember thinking, it’s Christmas morning, no one can die today. It wasn't fair. I was rudely shaken by the realization that Breast Cancer has no integrity, no sportsmanship and no respect for its opponent. 

But, it's time we fight back with the same mentality.  Let’s raise enough money and awareness so that any woman who is forced in the ring with this despicable disease has concrete in her boxing gloves. Let’s do more than fight back, let’s dig a grave for Breast Cancer so we can all dance on it and ensure there is no memorial for it.
  That’s what is motivating me to be part of this event. Every step I take on the dance floor may have no rhythm, but it will have purpose. Watch out Breast Cancer, we’re coming for you, and you should be very afraid.

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