Lauren E. Victory - CBS

When we heard the news that Lauren Victory would represent CBS this year, we felt the energy of the studio rise immediately.  This fireball is an upbeat and compassionate reporter working the Chicago streets for CBS 2 and we know she'll bring a load of fun to our ballroom this year.

Lauren knew she wanted to be a journalist at 6 years old when her mother told her she must be a reporter because she asked way too many questions... the idea stuck!

Her TV news journey started at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University ("Go 'Cats!" you can hear her say it when you mention her alma mater!)

Her stops along the way include content producing at WCIU (Chicago), shooting/writing/editing all her own stories at WPTZ (Burlington, Vt.), and anchoring at WTIC (Hartford, Conn). She is humbled to be back in Windy City, sharing stories and information that affects millions of people.

Lauren is dancing for us this year because, "cancer affects everyone in some way including countless numbers of my family members, friends and people I've interviewed."  She adds, "and on the brighter side, I just completed my first (and definitely only!) Chicago marathon and I'm happy to have a new sport."

She also assures us that despite a few glitches in her early dance life (she lost a shoe in the middle of her first grade ballet performance and has not had a dance lesson since), and some feedback from her coaches (to "tone down" the energy a little  when she was a freshman cheerleader in college), she's excited to do all she can for the cause.  Our "Song & Dance" theme is perfect for her since at one point she played the role of Sandy in the musical "Grease."

So, if you'd like to come cheer on this former cheerleader and help her get over that ballet shoe incident once and for all, click here to buy your tickets.  You can also make a donation in her honor by clicking  here.
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