Joan Morris - The Home Depot
Welcome, Joan Morris!  We've been waiting for you!

For many years, the Chicago area team from The Home Depot have been big supporters of our event and the fight against breast cancer.  We've wished forever that they would dance you so you can imagine how happy we are that Joan said yes.  In fact, at the end of the evening at least year's event, Joan committed to dance this year and she's excited to finally get started.

Joan is district manager for The Home Depot with an extensive forty-year career in retail, the last seventeen of which have been with The Home Depot.  She's a native of Chicago and hails from the south side. 

She is dancing for the memory of her mom and sister-in-law who lost their battles with this terrible disease, and she's dancing to support the continued battle for her sister, Brigid, who is a survivor.  And so, just like The Home Depot says - "more saving and more doing."  Well, she's going to help us save live by strapping on her dancing shoes and doing more.
And to top it all off, there's this:  "I'm also dancing because my boss says I can't dance."  She's in great hands because her professional partner from the Oak Brook Arthur Murray, James, says he knows there is a dancer inside everyone, just waiting to get out.

To show your support for Joan and her efforts in the fight against breast cancer,  click here to make a donation in her honor.  
To buy tickets or tables, click here.  To make sure your ticket purchase counts in her pursuit of the MVP Award, 
    choose Joan's name from the pull-down menu on the online payment form.
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