Dr. Nora Jaskowiak - University of Chicago Breast Center

Throughout these last 12 years, there are times when, in the midst of all the crazy planning and dancing and getting ready, we are reminded why we do this.  Many times it is because of a patient or a family member or someone who has benefited from one of the programs we support.  But some of the most sobering moments, when we're stopped in our tracks, are because of the doctors who battle away, supporting their patients and research to stop this disease.  So we go back to work, inspired more than ever by the people who are doing the real work. One of those moments, this year: when we found out Dr. Nora Jaskowiak has agreed to come dance with us.

Dr. Jaskowiak is a highly respected professor and surgeon focusing on the surgical management of breast cancer, along with benign breast conditions. She is surgical head of the University of Chicago Breast Center, which is dedicated to all women's breast health needs. The Center offers each woman a comprehensive care plan whether they are self- or physician-referred, or seeking a second opinion.

Dr. Jaskowiak  is involved in clinical research in breast cancer, including enrolling patients in national trials.  She has also performed research under the supervision of Ralph Weichselbaum, MD,  investigating how blocking the action of vascular endothelial cell growth factor, a substance that encourages the growth of new blood vessels, can dramatically increase the anti-tumor effects of radiation therapy.  She is dedicated also to the education of young doctors and medical students.

While she is new to the ballroom, she has done ballet as an adult, so we're looking forward to seeing her moves.  When she's not dancing, she has a pretty busy life outside of the hospital, with her husband and her three children - her
daughter is 17, and her two sons are 14 and 10.  She is a big fan of the opera, loves the movies and enjoys reading novels. 

We're thrilled that she has joined us this year and we are honored that we have added the University of Chicago Cancer Research Center to our list of beneficiary organizations.

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