Dr. Deepa Sheth - University of Chicago, Department of Radiology

Last year, we were honored to welcome our first dancing doctor from the University of Chicago... little did we know, she had a secret weapon.... who turned out to be Dr. Deepa Sheth. Imagine how happy we were to hear that Deepa has agreed to take the baton, and we could not be more excited to get her in the ballroom and rock out on our dance floor.

Deepa is an Assistant Professor of Radiology in Breast Imaging at the University of Chicago Medicine. Her focus includes the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer through the use of cutting edge technology and innovative imaging.

She is currently involved in several multi-institutional trials focusing on advanced ultrafast MRI imaging and its promising role in stratifying certain types of early pre-invasive breast cancer into a treatment category (including surgery and radiation) versus an observation category (watch and wait). The data generated from these trials will allow for impactful recommendations on the management of pre-invasive breast cancer.

We are always humbled when a doctor doing the hard work on the front lines of the fight against breast cancer takes precious time away from their patients to find
time to dance with us. In this case, the opportunity to help in this way comes straight from her heart, and is in honor of her mentor, her patients and her family.

"Many people have a personal experience or a close family member that inspires them to join the fight against breast cancer. I owe my career and life’s work in breast cancer to my mentor and former fellowship director, Dr. Charlene Sennett. She was not only my fellowship director, but my advisor and close friend."

"During my last year of training in a breast imaging fellowship at the University of Chicago Medicine, Dr. Sennett became quite ill and was admitted to the ICU awaiting a heart transplant. Unfortunately, Dr. Sennett never made it out of the ICU but her passing made us all rethink what was most important in our lives."

For Deepa, it was to follow the call to her life's work in breast imaging.

"This year," says Deepa, "I will be dancing in honor of Dr Sennett, my work family and my patients - I am so grateful to have the opportunity to show you why I am so passionate about breast cancer and my career-long goal of finding the cure."
    Dr. Nora Jaskowiak, DWCC 2017 dancer,
    and her secret weapon, Dr. Deepa Sheth.
If you would like to come cheer Deepa on in person, we'd love to have you.
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