Bill Joy - The Joy Group

Bill Joy and his professional partner
from Arthur Murray Lakeview, Dani.

Bill literally brings joy to our ballroom this year - we're delighted to welcome this executive coach and business consultant to our family; as you can see, he's already busy in the ballroom working magic spells on disco balls.

For over 25 years, Bill has worked with companies from high-growth start-ups to Fortune 100's to strengthen their organizational health with targeted leadership development that creates strategic thinkers, effective communicators, and dynamic motivators.

Bill was meant to dance. He met his future wife in a teen disco in the month of September in the late 70's at the height of the disco era; he was 17, she was 16. " Saturday Night Fever. Donna Summer. What a time. I wonder where all my polyester is!" But it turns out it didn 't start then... his mom was an Elvis addict, and they danced in their living room for hours on end as a family.

Today, he watches ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" (imagine how it will feel for him that our head judge is a DWTS professional alum) remotely with my mother-in-law and after the show, they regularly debrief; she's 91 and keeps a running tally of the scores, so no doubt his mother-in-law will have some advice and coaching tips for him.

And to hand on the love of dance to the next generation in his family, Bill says that by far, the most memorable dance of his life was the father-daughter dance at her wedding two years ago.

Bill is passionate about fighting breast cancer. "There is not a person I know who has not been touched by cancer," says Bill. "Both my parents died of lung cancer - Dad was 57, Mom was 64. Four of our very dear friends from Wheaton are survivors of breast cancer. I participate for them and all of their incredibly loving support systems. Their strength and optimism are palpable and a true wonder to behold."

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