Attending Our Event

Here's all you need to know to make for a sparkling, joyous night on March 16, 2018.

What to Wear:  Our official dress code (we made it up!) is "Swanky Cocktail."  This means get as dressed up as you'd like, don your sparkliest outfit, dust off your dancing shoes or come straight from the office.  Our only rule is "there's never too much bling in the ballroom" followed closely by "we want to make sure it's easy and fun for you to join us."  It's a Friday night, and we know many of our guests have had long weeks so we want to make it a fun and relaxing night.  If you're coming straight from work think of it as "business attire" (on the more dressed up side) but if you have a great dress you don't get to wear except on New Year's, definitely put it on and come sparkle with us.  You'll see everything from long gowns to short and sparkly to nice dark suits for the men and even a tux or two.

The Evening's Activities:  When Jill dreamed up this event she said, "I want to raise money to fight breast cancer and I know how to run a dance event."  And boy, does she.  We're unlike any other event you've been to - no stale speeches or bland dinners... nope, we dance and cheer all night.  We'll open the doors around 5:30 PM.  You'll check your coat in the lobby, head to the registration desk to get your table assignment (seats are all assigned) , and then go to the ballroom for our great silent auction.  You'll have one last chance to vote for your favorite dancer in their pursuit of the MVP, take some pictures and enjoy a cocktail that you can purchase at the cash bar.  We'll ask you to take your seats at 7:00 PM.  Then, you'll be treated to the celebrity dance-off, general dancing (your chance to get up and boogie), the corporate superstar challenge, live auction, a professional show from the staff of Arthur Murray, the judges' insights, the big announcement of our dance champion and MVP Awards, and a few surprises.

Seating:  All seats are assigned at tables in the ballroom, so you will need to check in at registration.  If you purchased your ticket individually, let us know if you have an affiliation with a dancer or specific group and we will try our best to make sure you are seated together.  If someone else purchased your tickets, please make sure you have checked with them to make sure your name is on their list.  We can always track it down but it will save lots of time and hassle if we have your name in advance.

If You Are Hosting a Table:  Please email us the names of all your guests no later then March 11th, 2018.  There are no physical tickets for the event so we need to have all the names of the people you expect.  The sooner you give us the names, the smoother the registration process.... we don't want to put any added wait time between you and the dancing!  Our email address is: or you are welcome to call.  Jane can resolve any issues but on the day of the event it gets crazy so you can always leave a message or search her out somewhere between the lobby and the ballroom.

When Should You Arrive:  Try to get to the Chicago Hilton at 720 South Michigan as close to 5:30 as you can.  There will be signs to direct you to registration and coat check.  We're a fun and welcoming bunch and we want you to have a chance to check out our silent auction.  We'll ask you to take your seats at 7 PM  so we can get the show underway.  Then the evening is filled with dancing.  We're not like other events - you don't want to miss the cocktail reception so please try your very hardest to arrive by 6:45 PM at the latest.  We have lots of people to seat and we have a lot of dancing to do!

Food and Drink:  You won't go hungry but it is not a served plated dinner - we simply don't have time with all the dancing!  Yummy food will be available  around 7:00 or so - so if you think you need something to tide you over, have a snack before you arrive.  We are a little different from the traditional "gala" - nearly two thirds of your ticket price is a donation - we know you'll have a great time but we want to pay for mammograms and research so we do all we can to keep the costs low.  The cash bar is available to purchase cocktails; food buffets are plentiful; one complimentary bottle of white wine and one of red wine will be on your table, and more beverages are available for purchase at the bar.

Live and Silent Auction Payments:  Please make sure to check if you have won an item.  Pick-up and information will be available at the same registration desk where you checked in.  You can pay by check, cash or credit card. Please, please make sure to find out if you won something that night so you can take your item and we can avoid chasing you.  In addition, we gratefully accept donations the night of the event so thank you in advance for your generosity.

Still Have Questions?
If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to email us at or call us at 1.630.699.6327 - we're always delighted to help and we love to make sure you have all the information you need.  See you on March 16th!

Dancing with Chicago Celebrities, 2017, Photo by Ken Churilla
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