Alex Brown - NFL Star

Chicago fans will be delighted to join us in welcoming the one and only Alex Brown into our ballroom, former NFL star from the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints.  An alum of the prestigious University of Florida Gator football program under the coaching of Steve Spurrier, he's had the kind of preparation he needs to take on one of the toughest coaches around, his professional ballroom partner from the Lincolnshire Arthur Murray studio, Amanda.  She  is working hard to build on the foundation he built during his football career, after a football scholarship in college and then nine years in the NFL.

What you may not know is Alex is one heck of an all-around athlete.  Before he concentrated on football, he was also a standout basketball player and track and field athlete, and was the state champion discus thrower in 1996.  What does all this mean to us?  You can expect some pretty fancy moves on March 16th when he is sure to dazzle us.

Alex became a part of our Chicago football family when he joined the Bears as a 4th round drat pick in 2002.  He played here until 2009.

This is a cause that is close to his heart.  Alex is glad to be dancing with us - he says that he knows that his grandmother, who passed away due to breast cancer, would be very proud to "see us all continuing to fight this horrible yet very real fight against cancer. ... together, we will make a difference. #BearDown96 "

If you would like to come cheer Alex on in person, please click here for tickets.
If you would like to make a donation supporting his twinkling toes and fancy footwork, please click here.
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