Thank you to our 2015 Celebrity Dancers Who Helped Us Break Records!
What an amazing group of people.... this line-up truly touched our hearts, not only with their dancing but with their commitment to the fight against breast cancer, their creativity and commitment to fundraising and their support for each other and for this event.  We love them all and we thank them all for the massive effort they made to make March 13, 2015 - our 10th Anniversary -  the biggest, best and most successful event we've ever had.
           Rashied Davis
                NFL Star

  "Mr. Fix-it"  Lou Manfredini
WGN Radio - 720 AM
                   Alicia Roman
                        NBC 5
Sarah Jindra

                    Dionne Miller
                 Derrick Young
                  Erika Maldonado
               UNIVISION - Chicago

                 Marisa Buchheit
                     Miss Illinois
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